orphan black is a show about…

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Évelyne Dorkchu

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“You’ll find out a little bit more, but I only want you to find out bits that sound exciting. I mean, we’re never going to flashback to the Time War on television. It could never live up to what you’ve imagined. It’s so much more alive by being imprecise. I don’t know, someone might make a film one day… but actually, if you’re doing a film, you’d have a new Time War. You’ve just got to keep moving forwards. It’s a nice mythology. It’s got that Harry Potter-ness about it. What happened to Lily and James Potter? I hope to God she doesn’t bring them back to life in the last book! I don’t think she will—she loves a good death, and you’ve got to make it permanent—cos it would just betray everything.” — Russell T. Davies on whether we’d ever find out exactly what happened in the Time War | DWM Issue 374 (via rointheta)

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Another orphanblack illustration - this time an all-digital piece inspired by Alphonse Mucha’s Zodiac - because I’m loving this show so much and I miss it damn hiatus XD… also fans have been really lovely toward my previous fanarts bunch and I really want to thank them C: Clone Club rocks! :D Open in another tab to full view!  Please don’t repost, just reblog from me. [Commissions info//Redbubble]

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one of ten friendships: Kieren and Amy

"You’re my BDFF(best dead friend forever)-FOREVER! that is not negotiable"

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Orphan Marvel: [1/??]

Cosima as Spiderwoman.

I’ll tell you one thing, though. Patching together a huge spandex onesie at 2 in the morning? Not exactly how I planned on spending my teenage years. 

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dont ask me about 2009

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You know, it’s really, really good to finally meet someone who gets it. Who gets… who gets me.

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the lack of cuddling i am experiencing right now is upsetting 

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Your first time is NOT supposed to hurt

You are NOT supposed to bleed

If you bleed, that is NOT your hymen being ‘popped’, it is a tear due to lack of sexual arousal and natural lubrication.

This is all a MYTH perpetrated by men so they don’t have to make sure you are comfortable and sufficiently aroused enough before you have sex with them. It is an excuse to disregard and hurt you.

I just really want women to know this.

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